History of MIJOY and the BIEWER TERRIER.

In 2008 I was approached by a friend at the time to become involved with the Biewer breed.  I was not overly keen as I felt they were the bigger sized dog, equivalent to the larger sized yorkie, so I gave it a miss.  Sometime later I got to know one of the original biewer people who encouraged me to become involved with this breed.  I again was not overly keen, however I was persuaded to hang in there and see what pups came up.

I must be honest at this stage, the months and months that followed my involvement on a low key led to repeated disappointments both in the dogs and the people concerned.

I did however buy a top quality smaller sized biewer bitch and it is purely as a result of owning this girl that my interest has peaked to further my knowledge and breeding of this very special toy breed.

My biewer girl came in heat repeatedly and one attempt was made at having her covered with no resultant pregnancy, although the male I felt at the time was way too big for the female and the mating itself was not a proper one. I was then told that NO male in the country was a suitable size for my bitch.

Once more the disappointment clouded my visions and for various reasons and a few problems that arose -  I chose to quit my relationship with the people who formerly wanted me on board.

IT was a very good decision to have made.  I am now in a position where I have the foundation stock that dreams are made of. When I mentioned the word import in the past. It resulted in my being told, I would not succeed in importing quality dogs and it was very costly.

Well I went that route and am totally one hundred percent satisfied and very happy to say I did.  It is a wonderful feeling when you know the person who is advising and guiding you is going full out to do just that, ensure you are given correct advice, not pushed from pillow to post, and have gone out of their way to give me the opportunity to own outstanding dogs with outstanding blood lines.

We will as always cater to the pet market, although we own top quality outstanding biewers, our pups will still be owned by pet owners.  NO pup will leave our home without being sterilised.

A first for South Africa, all our biewers are 100% purebred dogs. They have been genetically tested.

We look forward to breeding stunning, healthy, 100% pure bred biewer pups to fill our future clients life with an abundance of love and a companion forever.  As always we strive to get our babies we bring into this world  FOREVER  HOMES, where they are adored, loved, well cared for and form the ideal companion or make a family complete.




In my lifetime, whatever I undertake to do, I do to the very best of my ability.  BIEWER TERRIER breeding was going to be NO different........

I was introduced to this charming breed in 2008 and encouraged to become involved.  I was green with regards to this breed, had no idea what a biewer was supposed to be like etc. Over the many months I have studied the breed and found that most of the requirements of a good quality biewer are similar of that to a good quality Yorkshire terrier.  Solid build, good stocky conformation, compact dog, shorter legs preferred. I have noticed that most of the pups ears being pricked from the start, NO need for taping.

We did our best to purchase what we were told at the time would be a good foundation to start with.  Well this did not really work out too well and I realised that I was actually wasting my time.  The reason we resorted to importing Biewers.

With all the advertising over the months, we have had numerous enquiries and most recently, people contacting us asking if we find our BIEWERS to be aloof, not lap dogs. WELL I was amazed that the PUBLIC were finding this as our own biewers are anything but aloof and standoffish, in actual fact we cannot get moving for them. They are first on the bed, first on the couch, at our feet at every turn, a superb well balanced family dog.

We are YORKSHIRE TERRIER breeders and it came to my notice a while back, yorkie pups being sold for ridiculously low prices.  Why on earth breed if you have to resort to giving your dogs away, as a result of your prices being so low, but why are they so low?????????????    I for one would not consider breeding anything that I had to sell for next to nothing as there has to be a reason behind this, why are these pups going at such a low price.  Are they registered with KUSA???? Are they registrable???? Are they chipped are they sold with a pedigree and registration papers, do they carry health guarantees??????

ALL pure bred Yorkshire terriers are registrable, if they do not have papers why not???????????????????????

For as long as I can remember dealing with KUSA they have advised that if you are buying a pedigreed dog, to insist on a Contract of Sale that protects not only the buyer, but the breeder as well.

The GENUINE BIEWER TERRIER is an expensive dog.  Those breeders who have imported these dogs and bred them correctly and ethically will charge a fairly high price for their pups and rightfully so.

It is reported that certain imports were not up to standard and certain breeders introduced the YORKSHIRE terrier into their breeding program in an attempt to improve the standard and quality of their dogs in their breeding programs.  These dogs are not pure bred biewer terriers and in turn it will be questionable whether they will be accepted with KUSA for registration.

If you breed or own a delightful biewer or more, make enquiries with KUSA if your pup/dog/dogs will qualify for registering with this authority.

A copy of your pedigree will be required by the authorities.


Thank you for your time, thank you for your enquiries, as always we will tell it like it is, keep the public informed.  Every good wish to you all.




  Our BIEWER TERRIERS are inclined to be on the SMALLER side..........................

The Biewers are available in SMALLER sizes in the STATES.....