Anti-drowning device for your PETS…..

If you own a pool or have Koi Ponds and dogs, do you ever have peace of mind if your dogs are at risk of falling in and drowning? I know I don’t.  I am sure there are a good few of you, that have experienced the trauma and heartbreak of a dog drowning. It has happened to me. We went to a lot of effort to minimize the risk as much as possible. We had a massive mirror installed in our home, that at a glance you can see the pool in the reflection of the mirror, that saved us having to run out all the time to check.  You can see at a glance. However we also have Koi ponds. It was not our pool but one of our Koi ponds that claimed the life of a very special little teacup Yorkie called Tiffany. She never went outside unless with me, but one day she went outside without me….  We also built a private garden for our Yorkies/Biewer terriers off of the one side of our home. Not all our dogs stay in that area, some slip past. 

IF I have a dog for whatever reason,  in the unprotected areas of the house, on the side of the house that is close by to the pool and ponds, it is a tremendous relief to know that yorkie/biewer can wear a turtle and if she as much as goes near the water, even a sprinkler system that is on, that alarm will go off.  It is a huge relief. Sometimes I may have a preggy yorkie and I take her with me, and under normal circumstances, I would be looking for her all the time, just in case she slipped outside. Now I have peace of mind, knowing that if she does go out – she will be safe.

I was first introduced to the turtle four years ago, when my first granddaughter became mobile. My son bought the turtle and seeing his baby girl spent a lot of time with us during the week, he insisted she be safe and wear her turtle. A couple of years later, along came the next little granddaughter and she too has her very own turtle. It is a wonderful device. My grand angels as I refer to them, just love water, and if they play with a hosepipe, play mischieviously in the dogs water bowls or wash their hands the alarm goes off.  Do you want peace of mind, do you want to know that whatever happens, your four legged child is safe and secure? Order your turtle NOW……..