Bee stings and your dog.



From: sylvia

Sent: 30 August 2012 01:45 PM
To: 'Joyce'
Subject: Pookie's adventure

Hello Joyce 

Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful newsletter. 

I will share my adventure of last night with you as it may be good to let other yorkie lovers know what to do when their baby gets stung by a bee! 

My little Pookie got stung by a bee last night at about 8pm. Luckily I saw what she had and that she was trying to get something off her face. The bee sting was in her lip. I had to hold her and my husband tried to scrape the sting off but he had to use the tweezers as she was performing, however, after a while she slunk off to her basket and was shivering terribly and her face was swelling. I was very worried. 

I called some friends and they said that I should give her anti histamine but I'm too scared to give my baby human medication as she's only 1.4kg. 

Was at the emergency vet by 9pm and he gave her a full exam and a shot of anti histamine and said she should be fine within a few hours. He did add that if the bee had of stung her inside the mouth or on the tongue it may well have been ..... 

Am happy to say she woke up in fine spirits and when she was put outside she dug a big hole and played catches with her brother. 

We travel a lot with our 2 yorkies so I bought 2 Rhineton 4mg pills and if it ever happens again I can give her a quarter tablet once off. 



Dog owners - Please do NOT treat your own pets with medication unless approved by your vet.


From: sylvia
Sent: 03 September 2012 12:56 PM
To: 'Joyce'
Subject: RE: Pookie's adventure

Hello again Joyce 

You won't believe the drama over the bee sting, Pookie took ill on Saturday, at about lunchtime she started shivering with fever and I had to go the the 24 hour vet again. He said it must have been something she ate and she got anti biotics etc. 

This morning I took her to our vet and he looked at the paperwork from the emergency vet and said that on Wednesday night Pookie should have been given cortisone and she wasn't and due to not being given cortisone her liver and kidneys were still struggling to get over the bee sting. 

One bee sting for a little dog like her is the equivalent of maybe 50 or so bees stinging a human and we would have been hospitalized for that.  

Anyway all is well with Pookie but it just shows how important it is to go to your own vet that you know and trust with tiny, tiny dogs. 

I am very fortunate as our vet also has yorkies and has owned a yorkie that was only 700g & has experience operating on such tiny dogs. He really loves my babies and makes them feel very special when we go.