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BIEWER  TERRIERS  more information........  January 2012

The Biewer Terrier is a superb little family dog.  It is not meant to be anywhere near the size of a standard yorkie for comparison sake.  This breed  has NOTHING  at all to do with a YORKSHIRE TERRIER, it is a new breed – entirely on its own.

If you are on the market for such a pup, you will be paying a good amount of money for the pup, if it is coming from a breeder who has imported their stock or bred from quality, pure bred imported stock.  If the asking price is considerably cheaper, stay clear.  There obviously is a very good reason for the dog being that much cheaper.

The coat of the biewer should be straight, very silky, smooth and soft to the touch.  Our one imported boy, has had a floor length coat prior to reaching a year of age.

We folk that have imported quality foundation stock or imported quality dogs to join existing quality dogs, will be offering quality pups to the public., they will not be cheap.

This breed is available in the smaller sizes as well, overseas they are available anything from the equivalent of our 1kg dogs in SA.  OBVIOUSLY at the smaller sizes they would never be considered to be in any breeding program.  We look forward to having pups born in those smaller sizes.......



In recent years we have all been exposed to this rather glamorous word DNA – “our dogs are DNA tested....”   sounds rather exotic.

I think in general people are impressed to hear the pup they are looking at purchasing has a DNA profile.

Is it glamorous or exotic, does it make the breeder or owner that much more important to be able to refer to their dogs as being DNA tested?

Well the Biewer Terrier for eg.  Needs to be DNA tested if the dog is going to be bred from.  In fact would it not be a far better idea to have ALL BIEWER TERRIERS  and their offspring,  DNA tested, to ensure who their biological parents are????? Maybe this should be a prerequisite of breeding with new breeds of dogs.

One thing to have it on a piece of paper – registration papers or possibly NO DNA and  NO PAPERS AT ALL????????????  One has to wonder about that.

I had a most unpleasant experience myself in 2008. I was offered a pup that carried a DNA profile.  I have mail even stating the date on which this was carried out. I received the paperwork as well, registration papers –pedigree.  I must say I was impressed and excited.   Short lived unfortunately,  when months down the line this Breeder suggested the dog have her DNA done.  Speechless, I think is a good word to describe my feelings on the subject.

It turned out that this dog had NEVER had her DNA done although I was even given the date it was done on???????????????  Her registration papers stated the sire to be a totally different dog to what her dna suggested.  Instead of the breeder being apologetic and accommodating, I met with a very arrogant, aggressive attitude. Almost as if I were to blame for this disaster of a situation.  Surely if one’s dogs can be covered by multiple males, it is in that breeders interests to do the DNA on that pup and all pups for that matter,  to ensure the dog carries the correct pedigree.

I think DNA is not that glamorous a word unless it is in the hands of an ETHICAL BREEDER.  Any dog can carry a DNA profile, even the biggest MUTT on the planet.


Thank you for your time.

We will have info in the next week or two on laboratories in South Africa who do DNA testing.  Possibly you would like that FANCY breed pup of yours to have its own DNA profile.

Keep watching for that info......




In time to come we will discuss how  a 100% pure bred biewer terrier comes about, as well as the Mars testing .....